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Professional Coaching

Whatever your level, whatever your ambition, we can help.

one to one coaching

One to One Coaching

one to one coaching

If you're interested in having a one on one sessions with Craig, then get in touch. Craig has a wealth of knowledge about Table Tennis, from tactical awareness to technical expertise. Highly skilled in quickly understanding your style of play, Craig can help you with quick fixes as well as more longer-term development of your game.

Group Coaching

one to one coaching

If there is a group of you that are interested in developing your games, then group sessions would fit the bill perfectly for you. Craig has been running group sessions since the start of his career.

Coach Development

Session Planning & Structure, Annual Planning, Player Development

Helping you develop your players

What are the next steps to developing players once you've taught them how to play? Would you like to know how to develop fitness training, annual planning, mental toughness, pressure play into your sessions and into your players' routines? Craig can help you think outside the box and help you get your players to the next level.

Developing as a coach

It's often easy to fall into the same routine when running sessions. If you're looking for new ideas, new ways to structure and deliver sessions, then feel free to get in touch. Craig has some innovative ideas and theories that could you help shake your sessions up and get your players back onto that learning path.

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