Below you will find several testimonials from people who Craig has coached, worked with and tutored over the years.

The training is very beneficial, I feel pushed to do my best. Craig is friendly but also serious about training, allowing me to feel comfortable while playing. The feedback and support on and off the table helps my overall performance. Two areas that I feel Craig has helped me improve, are serving and how to adopt and utilise tactics.

Robert, Player.

I attended a UKCC Level 2 course and Craig was the tutor. I qualified as a UKCC Level 2 table tennis coach under his tuition in February 2016. He delivered the course in a very professional manner, with enormous knowledge and understanding of the many facets entailed in this course. We also had a lot of fun and enjoyment during this course, in particular on the practical side, where he showed his incredible table tennis ability and coaching skills. I signed up for a summer training camp as soon as I knew it was being run by Craig.

Peter, Coach.

My son really enjoys his training and Craig motivates him to achieve. He has progressed in a short period of time and looks forward to his sessions with Craig, which are serious but fun. Having a coach who is so knowledgeable but whose only agenda is to support your child and improve their table tennis, is great.

Kathy, Parent.

Since being coached by Craig, I have greatly improved my matchplay and tactical awareness. He has helped me improve to a level where I'm able to successfully compete in the Belgium Super Division. Craig's enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge, has been very helpful in strengthening my game. I've also really enjoyed the challenge of learning to return some of his 'impossible' serves.

Emma, Player.

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